Saturday, November 26, 2005
Happy Hallothanksmas!
The weekend after Thanksgiving is always kind of a strange time. You bid farewell to loved ones, you start planning for the next holiday, and if you're me, you get your ass crackin on the speech that should have been done a week ago. Our neighborhood is a holiday goulash right now. There are decorations for 3 different holidays floating around. A few remnants of Halloween, a pilgrim, scarecrow, or inflatable turkey wafting in the breeze, and of course Christmas. Our little corner of the world is infamous in Cedar City as we share a fence with The Christmas House, or as I like to call it Where Christmas Goes to Die, When Christmas Attacks, or What Happens When Christmas Pukes, choose your favorite. The Christmas House has an extra circuit breaker just for Christmas. There are so many lights you can't tell what's going on with it unless you are standing at the fence squinting in. We took the Niephews over Thanksgiving night for the first official lighting and Sophie and Madeline declared it a Christmas Miracle.

Across the street from the Christmas House was a reminder from Thanksgiving. Tuesday night another of our neighbors decided it might be fun to deep fry a turkey and succeeded in setting his garage on fire. No one was hurt, so we're aloud to laugh a little. Tehehe. We did our turkey in a roasting bag this year and it ROCKED! I did the bulk of the Thanksgiving dinner preparations (for the first time, mom coached) so by the time I actually got around to eating it I was pretty much sick to death of it all. It all tasted great but I didn't finish my first helping, which was good because then I had room for Becky's KILLER pumpkin pie. Oh my. gosh. It was sooooo good. I had two pieces, it is now my official pumpkin pie recipe. Makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Janzen was the winner in the eating department, I think he had 5ths. He then followed in the footsteps of his father from a couple years ago and slid off his chair to the ground where he lay holding his belly for awhile.

Thanksgiving was really fun for the most part we played a little karaoke, watched a little football and of course ate a lot of food, which leads inevitably to lots of dishes. Which is when everything went south. My mom is a martyr and a glutton for punishment and it drives us all crazy. I ended up going to Becky's for a couple hours and bawling my eyes out with the sistahs and then everything was fine. I'll spare you the details. Mom and I played the cold shoulder game most of the day on Friday and today everything is apparently fine. Aw the joys of the holidays. In spite of everything there is no one else I would rather spend my holidays with than my sweet family. I have amazing sisters, amazing niephews, and flawed but fabulous parents. The only thing that would have made it better was if my brother and his wife and puppies could have been there. Oh well.

Oh and, they took my internet away at work. Apparently someone printed porn off and left it on the printer in my boss's office. So they turned of my internet. Punishing the cats because the dogs pissed on the carpet if you ask me but whatever. So I'm catching some blog action here and there and even if I'm not commenting I'm reading.



Blogger rob said...

Admit it...the porn was totally yours.

My parents' house is the Christmas house on their block.'s the Christmas house for their friggin' county. They, too, have an extra power source for the lights. On Thursday, they already had approximately 1,000 lights up. When we pulled up, my date for dinner said, "Well, I see that your folks have got a jump on things this year."

To which I replied, "Are you kidding? They're behind. This isn't even an eighth of what's going up!"

Yeah. My stepdad is Sparky.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Thanksgiving dinner was the total bomb! You are such a good cook. More karaoke soon?

Blogger lonna said...

Congrats on a successful Thanksgiving meal. It sounds like you were feeding a lot of people.

My parents live next to the house of Christmas puke. They always puts tons of shit up. To make it worse, the father of the house died a couple of years ago, and now they have a big sign they made in honor of him. CREEPY!

Their backyards face the local junior high school, so people drive through the parking lot to see the backyard component of all of their decorations.

I have never gotten the porn at work thing. Come on. That's just wrong. Especially since it means that you had to have your access cut off because some creepy guy can't think straight.

Blogger Kodi said...

Gosh, no one is stupid enough to leave porn in the printer at work, are they? Had fun with you on Friday, lets do it again soon.

Blogger NME said...

The Christmas House makes me think of the movie Christmas Vacation. We don't get alot of that in the city.

Stupid porn guy ruining it for everyone.

Blogger patrice said...

holy shiza, a separate breaker???? for chrissakes people! literally!! jesus does NOT want you to waste electricity on lights.

so sorry about the mom situation. I hate that kind of thing. and the fact that it goes on by without resolution, only to rise up again at easter. get it? rise again? oh, WWJD indeed.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

"What Happens When Christmas Pukes" is definitely my favorite. Hooray for pumpkin pie!

This is the longes word verification I've ever seen quwcewiu

Blogger Rebecca said...


too sleepy to, er, actually read the post at the moment but i saw your last comment on patrice's blog and thought i would say hi to a fellow college student. so. hi!

i know i know, commenting without reading the post first, what a loser i am...

Blogger amandak said...

It was fabulous seeing you sweetie! You rocked on Thanksgiving preparations. I hope I didn't give you too much advice on the mom thing. I know that ultimately, you have to figure it out by yourself. I just remember how painful going through that process was (and is, for that matter), and I wish I could help ease that, even just a little.

Spring break is right around the corner!!! Can't wait!

Blogger Rebecca said...

Haha, so I came back and actually read the post this time. I just have this to say: have you seen the National Lampoon's Chrismas movie? That's definitely what your Christmas house reminded me of.

Oh, and you are SO right about the Quidditch World Cup. We got gypped. (Have you heard that JKR said there will be NO QUIDDITCH in the seventh book? How can there be a Harry Potter book without Quidditch???)

Blogger Jazz said...

Last year we had a house a couple of streets away from ours, which had so many christmas-lights on it, that you were able to see it from miles away haha^^ They had every inch of the house covered with lights in every colour, five or six Santas in living-size and lighted up christmas trees, EVERYWHERE. It was so horrible...

We don't have Thanksgiving here in germany, when do you usually celebrate it?

Happy Holidays ~

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