Saturday, November 19, 2005
Girl looks GOOOOOD! And the return of Crazy Holly
K so I went to the new Harry Potter movie tonight. And in a strange group activity turned strange and awkward double date ended up spending the evening with Holly, Rob, and Micah. Micah is cute, but just about as mormon as they come. I thought perhaps he had possibilities, but then the following things happened:
1-He informed me that he's "not a book type". OK... not one of the seven deadly sins in the Katy commandments but uhm, Huh....
2-He called a sports hotline (dialing mid my sentance) to see what the score was of "his college" football game.
3-Was put out that I didn't know the score of the Utah BYU game and that I hadn't gone to the football game that day. Alright alright I'll give him the annoyed at my lack of sports enthusiasm since I was so annoyed that he had NEVER READ A BOOK! NEVER!!
4-The whole evening was spent with him trying to figure out which girl to hit on. A little bit of Holly, a little bit of Katy. Oh, and the girl sitting on the other side of him in the theatre.
5-Upon leaving the theatre, after the movie, he pulled out his cell phone again and called the sports hotline to see who won the football game. It was "his college" and he proceeded to cheer, unabashedly walking down the hall.
6-He then informed me that he "wasn't going to do Santa Clause" with his kids.
7-He made it a point of informing Holly and I that he "didn't cuss" never had never will, not even the "D" and "H" words. To which I replied, "Well hell sugar, I think that's damn fine of you."

But the day was not a total loss I cleaned my room today, I even went through my closet, where I found a pair of jeans that I hadn't worn in awhile because they were to skinny, and guess what. THEY FIT!! YAY! I also got all dolled up, in my cute closet find jeans, my new navy blue sweater and I actually DID my hair, like with a clip and everything. Uh-huh, I. Look. HOT!

Now with a quick Crazy Holly story. Holly has been "seeing" this guy named Mike for about 3 months. 3 months of an emotional roller coaster I might add. Anyhoo, she finally decided that she couldn't "be" with him anymore. Now they were never actually together. They were friends who spent a great deal of time together. Which to Holly, equals they're getting married. Anyway, she "broke up" with him today because he spent time with another girl last night. The nerve. And spent most of the day sitting on my bed crying her eyes out. Then, she actually broke into song. A stirring rendition of "Unbreak My Heart". She had been doing so well too. With her lack of insanity and such.

Today's thing I learned: You actually get a choice about whether or not you "Do Santa Clause"????


Blogger rob said...

Funny how a man named after a biblical prophet is "not a book type".

If I remember correctly, Micah means "Who is like Yaweh?". Given the nature of this cat's character, I can totally hear the question, "Who is, like, Yaweh?"

"Was he, like, with '98 Degrees'?"

"Oh my he, like, totally cute?"

Blogger Jazz said...

Oh my god, what a guy... hahaha^^

Blogger lonna said...

I never got the guys who were that into sports. Granted, my dad and brother are like that, but I never had any friends who were really like that.

Blogger Diane said...

So, what? No pics?!? I want to see Katy in her ultimate hotness!

Hearing about Holly makes me wish I forced you to stay on the phone with me that much longer. (BTW, my mom thinks he's cute. Which is weird, because she's always complained about the looks of my S.O.s.)

Blogger Missuz J said...

Isn't micah also a kind of rock? I feel like it's the same thing as fools gold. You did look lovely--and thanks for dropping off Soph's bag.

Blogger Katy said...

You're thinking Pyrite babe. Micah is green and very fragile, and peels off in sheets. :)

Blogger amandak said...

OK, this Micah guy, totally mormon, and yet has kids, and is on a "date" with you? I'm confused. Sounds like a waste of skin anyways though.

Glad to hear you had a "I'm hott" day, that's always nice.

Can't wait to see you, in like, 2 DAYS! WOO HOO!!


Blogger Kodi said...

She actually broke into song? That is hilarious. I would not have been able to keep from laughting right in her sad, sad face.

Blogger Katy said...

Mand, his future kids. Not his kids right now.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

Ah, I missed Crazy Holly. How bizarre to just break out into song like that. I've got that song stuck in my head now. Thanks a lot Crazy Holly!

Blogger NME said...

Micah sounds awfully pompous, Holly sounds awfully crazy, and you dear sound awfully hot.

Blogger patrice said...

unbreak my heart? for real? did you laugh? I would have had to. I am evil that way, I suppose.

he's already decided about santa claus for his future kids? I think you should set him up with holly.

Blogger Stine said...

Patrice is right, you should set him up with Holly.

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