Friday, October 28, 2005
What's this?? Another post??
Indeed it is.

I am a creature of habit. When my schedule gets thrown off, I get a little grumpy. I like to have a plan, there are times when I can be fly by the seat of my pants, I used to be VERY impulsive, it went away. Now, I like to have a REAL schedule. If I am supposed to be doing something and then find out that said thing has been cancelled, I get a little edgy. I will sit and stare at a cancellation notice for awhile just, looking at it. Double checking, triple checking, quadruple checking, that they really are talking about MY class. That if I do actually leave, I won't miss anything important because there's nothing to miss. I am habitually late to my biology class because it's my routine. If I am there early and everyone's just sitting around chatting, I will get up and find a drinking fountain. I think that particular craziness is rooted in my fear of forming real relationships. I don't want anybody to have the oppurtunity to notice me, notice me alone, pity me, and therefore feel the need to strike up a conversation. I realize that is probably not the way it would happen but at times like this, my logical mind kind of shrinks into a little corner and let's my illogical mind take over.

When people aren't supposed to be somewhere and they are, it takes me awhile to adjust, if I adjust at all. This morning I stopped by work to use the restroom because it was actually closer to walk to my office than walk to the bathroom in the building I was in. Upon arriving at work I found that my boss was out sick. Sad, cuz I like my boss but I adjusted over the next three hours and upon returning to work to actually work, I was prepared for her not to be there. Then she was. Hooray! But again, brain adjustment. And my brain just doesn't switch gears very quick I guess.

The event that inspired me to discuss this topic today is the lack of Raspberry Iced Tea, on campus. I don't drink carbination but need my caffeine fix everyday or I am just NOT a pleasant person to be around. Every day between 3 and 4 my co-worker and I walk over to the student center for a break. She gets a diet coke with lime, I get a raspberry iced tea and some sort of snacky snack. The actual snack, changes up a little, but the raspberry iced tea and the fact that I get a snack, are constants. Last night between work and stats, I broke with tradition a bit because we hadn't had our break that day (Julie was in meetings) and I was starving. I bought cinnamon brown sugar pop tarts and the last iced tea at Southern Utah University... damn.

There are two stores in the student center where one can procure a raspberry iced tea. The Country Store & Bakery, and uhm...the other one. The CSB is cheaper, their iced tea's are $1.05, the "other one's" are $1.16 Rip-off artists. I cleaned the CSB out about a week and a half ago. They haven't received a new shipment, apparently there supplier is "out". So I started shelling out the extra eleven cents for the other one (their snacky stuff is cheaper so I guess it balances out, but not really). Wednesday I noticed that I was taking the second to last raspberry iced tea in the cooler and mentioned it to the nice manager lady, she said she had an order in and they'd be here Thursday. Well, yesterday I bought the last one. Today, there wasn't one to replace it. The nice manager lady said her supplier was out. They use different suppliers, I asked. What is with the giant raspberry iced tea shortage??? Does Nestea need me to come steap the tea bags for them or something? Cuz I'll do it! Whatever I can do to help! Need raspberries? (Yeah like they use real fruit juice) Which God do I need to pray to to get me some freakin raspberry iced TEA???? Anyway, today I'm stuck with one of those crystal lite pour in thingies that basically just tastes like Kool-Aid. And it's not even raspberry, it's peach, which is fine, but it's not the same. I want my raspberry iced tea, I have needs.

Today's thing I learned: Bring it from home.


Blogger Missuz J said...

Crying great big tears of sadness for ya babe. ;)

Blogger Katy said...

remind me to tell ya'll about the tatoo.

Blogger NME said...

Tattoo? Is your love for raspberry iced tea so great that you are getting it tattoed on you?

I HOPE they aren't discontinuing the product - because that SUCKS. I nearly shed tears when they stopped making cranberry newtons. I miss them still today.

Blogger patrice said...

I hope it's not discontinued either. I bought the very last orange slice soda from our cafeteria and have it on my shelf in my cubicle with an "RIP" sign on it. it's taking all I have not to drink it.

I did a search on the internet to find out if it had been discontinued when I couldn't find it at the store...and it was. you might want to check.

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