Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Se Moi
It's me. Obviously I've been at a loss for interesting blog fodder lately though I still spend most of my free time cruising the bloggiverse and oohing and aaahing about other peoples very interesting lives. So, while I was sitting here staring at my blank computer screen it struck me, I'll talk about ME! Me is a pretty good topic. And so I present you with Se Moi, a list.

1. I love peanuts. Love em, in fact, one of my great annoyances in life is coming across a peanutless peanut m&m. I'm gonna write a letter.

2. I have a queen complex. My senior year of High School I played Queen Aggravaine in Once Upon a Mattress.

3. After that taste of superstardom I just couldn't handle being second string in college. Plus, even though I was one, I hate snotty actors. Limone, if you're reading this, you went to a junior college, you're not a superstar and you don't deserve to eat the entire bag of Dorritos...MY Dorritos.

4. Dorritos are my favorite snack food. I can have a full pantry and a full fridge and bags of candy at my house and still claim to have no snacks if there are no Dorritos. Ask Becky, it happened last weekend.

5. I am seriously afraid of moths and grasshoppers. I will scream and run away if there is an airborn moth in my general vicinity.

6. I have a crush on my Computer Science teacher and last week he brought the class donuts and now I lust him even more... siiiiiigh...

7. Someday I want to write for a l iving.

8. OK, this isn't really about Moi, but it's about Sophie and I love her so I'm using it. Becky and Kodi and I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Saturday night and for those of you who haven't seen it there's this HOT Greek fisherman guy in it. Sunday I was laying on the couch hanging out with Becky and Sophie and I said, "I'm going to move to Greece and find myself a big strong tan fisherman." and Sophie said, "And I will come wiff you and find a little fisherman". I laughed til I thought I was going to pass out.

9. There are pictures of me dirty dancing with a waiter from Tijuana floating around somewhere that I wish I could get my hands on and burn.

10. My nickname in elementary/middle school was Katy the kitchen cockroach.

11. I wasn't born, I was hatched, a lizard. With a tail and everything, or at least my brother and sisters had me pretty much convinced of that til my first biology lesson.

12. I was once offered 500 dollars to break up a guy and his fiance because the guys best friends didn't like her.

13. I think I'm going to be a kitchen witch for Halloween and hand out cookies.

14. If the writing for money thing doesn't pan out I would love to cater.

15. Besides cooking and writing, I love to cross-stitch, crochet, and generally get crafty. I can crochet a pretty decent scarf in about 90 minutes and a basic but beautiful afghan in about a day. I think last winter I crocheted about 50 scarves for people for gifts.

16. I'm a total book junky. If I couldn't get in about 20 minutes of entertainment reading a day, I'd go nuts.

17. I love scary movies. I would choose a good scary movie over a chick flick any day of the week.

18. I just got through with midterms and have a C+ in Bio, a B in Stats, and A's in everything else. WOOHOO!

19. My favorite color is Purple.

20. I made it to 20!!

Today's thing I learned: Always be prepared, Aunt Flo came a week early this month. Bitch.


Blogger patrice said...

limone? there's someone out there named limone??

how on earth did you get that nickname? and what is a kitchen witch?

I wish I could crochet that fast. or at all.

I like hearing about you.

Blogger Diane said...

There are photos of you dirty dancing?!?!?!

I want to see!!!!!!!

I'm just looking for a nice guy. But if he's handsome and tan as well all the better.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

Congratulations on your grades, that's great! That nickname sucks for sure. Mine was Kathryn Beaver (my maiden name was weaver. That one lasted a while.

Blogger NME said...

Do you also like Queen?

I'm jealous of your craftiness. And your recreational reading time. Oh - and your Tijuana waiter.

Blogger lonna said...

Good job on your grades. I hardly ever got more than a B in statistics, and I'm pretty good at stats. It's a really hard class.

I wish I were more crafty too. Now that I have a child, I would like to be able to teach/model for him the joy of creating things with your bare hands. I always have to buy everything. I also love reading, and that was the one thing I missed the most when I had Dermot. I've gotten my reading time back now, but it took almost a year.

I love purple too! I think that a kitchen witch seems to fit you.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Yes! Yes! A Kitchen Witch! Perfect!

Blogger Stine said...

14. If the writing for money thing doesn't pan out I would love to cater.

- I just woke up and the first time I read this sentence I thought you said, "If the writing for money thing doesn't pan out, I would love a catheter."

19. My favorite color is Purple.

- Smart girl, mine too.

Blogger rob said...

You slay me. I haven't heard the term "Aunt Flo" in ages. That reminds me of some of my other favorite euphemisms for menstruation.

-Walking along the beach in soft focus
-Falling to the Communists
-Sailing the HMS Cottonaught with Cap'n Bloodsnatch
-"It's 'that time of the month' where I'm 'not at my best' because my 'vagina is bleeding'."

Blogger Kodi said...

hahaha rob. your comment was hilarious.
Katy, Doritoes are the bomb! Lets munch together some time. Thanks for letting my sorry, depressed ass tag with you and Becca for the chick flick. You rock.

Blogger Jazz said...

Just wanted to say hi again...
it's nice to read something about you ~

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