Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Your homework
Alright folks, here's the deal. I have to give a 5-7 minute speech on a current, significant social or political topic. Any ideas?? It's supposed to be something we have a personal interest in or something we have a lot of knowledge about. My problem is I have very little passion for anything political these days. I was thinking of doing gun control, or maybe capital punishment. I did a killer paper (no pun intended) on capital punishment my senior year of high school. My problem I guess is that this is just supposed to be an informative speech. I have a hard time talking about something without trying to persuade people to see my point of view. You guys know me. What should I talk about? What have you noticed that really gets me fired up? I need HELP!

In other news, my attitude is lots better lately. I'm not little Mary Sunshine but I'm not Grouchy Gretta either. Gretta, that's my Grandma's name. Hm, a little subconcious word play perhaps? A bit of hostility towards the woman that gave my mother life? Perhaps just a bit. Last weekend my cousin got married. It was all very warm and fuzzy. I woke up that morning and felt like total crap. Barely made it down the stairs from my bedroom before I had to lay back down. Was not pretty. So I missed all my classes that day and slept it off. I did however find the energy to curlify my hair so I looked pretty for the reception. I figure the fewer things I give G-ma to comment about the better, and the woman loves curly hair. Please ignore the general scariness, I was sick remember?

So the wedding was nice, I chased Sophie and almost fell in the water feature. They had a chocolate fountain which Sophie and I thought was the absolute bomb! Nothing like drenching a jumbo marshmallow in a curtain of milk chocolate to lighten the mood. Indeed, it was fantastic. Kelsie (the cuz) looked lovely. I didn't get any good pictures though. I'm still trying to figure out the camera phone. I managed to avoid my annoying younger cousin who is 13 months younger than me and got married like two years ago and has long beautiful red hair and is rail thin, for most of the evening. Little miss successful career at the age of 21. Whatever sunshine, you had to wear the ugly bridesmaid dress and oh yeah, your husband got fat. So :P. All in all it was very pleasant, Sophie and I ran around and experimented with what things tasted good dipped in chocolate. I managed to avoid any "When's it your turn?" talk, and I didn't feel like the oldest cow at the bouqet toss. In fact the only disaster was when I walked onto the grass carrying Sophie and my stilleto's sunk and I fell on my butt. No harm done though.

Then after dinner the next night with G-ma and G-pa Clueless Rob, AKA Handsome Rob called and a bunch of us went to Wallace and Gromit with the younger siblings. It was very much fun. Rob's little brother Ammon is a doll and thinks I'm great. Rob, is well, either clueless or heartless as Becky put it, and quite frankly I don't have the time to waste on either, so faretheewell Handsome Rob.

Today's thing I learned: Uhm, I don't know it's still early. That it doesn't matter how cold it is, mini-skirts are apparently all season wear. I have my scarf and my wool coat on, and I saw a girl walking to class this morning in an UBER short skirt and a sorry excuse for a cardigan. Newsflash schnookums, it's cold.


Blogger Stine said...

What a great pic of you Katy. How about some sort of Utah/Mo idea that you have problems with. Is there some sort of political thing going on with all of that? What about that unit from Cedar city being sent to Iraq? How do you feel about that? What about the Shakespeare festival and how it's fueling that city, for better and for worse.

Of course, these may not get your goat at all and just be my issues. What else is new. Good luck finding a topic.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

You're so pretty look at you! Do blogs count as a current significant social topic? They're getting a fair amount of press lately. What about societal expectations of college aged women? Although I'm not sure how to make that informative so much. I hope you publish whatever you come up with I wanna read it!

Blogger Missuz J said...

Yes! Blogs! A great topic for you!

Cute hair.

Love you.

Blogger lonna said...

It seems pointless to ask students to talk for 5-7 minutes on a topic that matters to them and then not let them take a side. But that's me. We all have different philosophies about teaching. I want my students to show some passion in my classes.

Anyway, I don't think that you have to choose something as grand as capital punishment or religion. I am a big believer in the personal as political thing. So being a returning student would count to me. Blogging is a great suggestion. Stuff that comes up in my class is putting off having children, spanking, day care, etc. Maybe you should give a speech on appropriate clothing for classes for each season. I hate when students attend my class either looking like crap (pj bottoms and stained, ripped sweat shirt and baseball cap) or like a hooker. I also can't stand too much perfume. Hello! You are in close proximity to a great number of people and some of them (me!) may be sensitive to perfume. Oh, and I can't stand girls wearing 4 inch heels in the winter. Universities are famous for not being good at snow and ice removal.

Blogger Diane said...

Personally, it could be 30 degrees out and I'll still feel like throwing some shorts or a skirt on.
I used to go to class in a t-shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt in the dead of winter a few years back. I remember thinking it was especially cold one morning and someone told me it was 17 below. Huh.
Maybe this is what I get for attending school in the far North.
As for ideas to talk about, social restraints/norms for women would be a very interesting topic that you could talk about that would be personal, and I'm sure just ranting on it we could come up with 15 minutes of "stuff". And I don't think it would turn into a persuasive speech. Something more along the lines of "Yo, this is what's happenin', and I think it's bad juju for all women around" should do it.

Blogger patrice said...

what did you pick??

you look like rebecca in that picture. you know, from the tons of times I've seen both of you. (I think ... 4? online. in pictures. I am a dork.)

Blogger NME said...

I LOVE the picture. You are amazingly adorable.
Blogging or being a return student are excellent topics for you.
I wanna see that speech when you finish it.

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