Monday, October 17, 2005
Some ranting and then some tagging
I have a break between 10 and 11 where I don't have a class and I don't have to work and I usually spend said break in the library. I blog, I do homework, I e-mail, and I stew. It's called a library people! Libraries are for studying, and such, mostly quiet time. It is not a time to sit and catch up with the Barbie clone next to you in your outside voice. It is a library, it is a place for whispers, if your cell phone rings you should turn the ringer off (if you're really rude enough to have it on in the first place) and if you really HAVE to answer it, take it to a stair well, or better, outside. Do NOT sit and have a conversation with daddy about not being able to find a job. Nobody cares and I have more important things to stress about. And for hell's sake boy sitting next time, GET A F@#$ING Kleenex!!!!

End rant.

Lonna tagged me so here goes:

Ten years ago: I was 12. How's that for perspective?

Five years ago: I was a senior in High School, dating the rat bastard , trying to figure out what college to go too, and starring in the favorite role I ever played.

One year ago: I was still working at the bank (shudder) still crying over the rat bastard (cringe) and dating Crazy Brian (thank goodness that's over.

Five Snacks: MMM food! Nacho Cheesier Dorritos, crackers and cheese, nachos, yogurt and granola, and popcorn.

Five songs I know all the words to: Lady Marmalade, Tears in Heaven, I Will Survive, uhm...Walkin After Midnight, and Killing Me Softly.

Five things I would do with $100 million: Buy a house or 5. Invest. Buy presents for my fam. Fly all the blogging buddies to the Bahamas for a reunion. Shop shop shop!!! Oh! and six, buy a private jet and hire a pilot so we can go visit far away people whenever we want!

Five things I would never wear: Uhm, like in public? I don't know. My birthday suit, a string bikini, an I'm with stupid t-shirt, my bridesmaid dress.

Five Favorite TV shows: Good Eats, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, That 70s Show, The Daily Show.

Five biggest joys: My family, cheese, my friends, my bed, and reading.

Five favorite toys: Computers, my cell phone, uhm CD player, 4-wheelers, uhm.... I don't know....

There ya go, I'm not gonna pass it on to five more people cuz I don't have five more people to pass it too.


Blogger lonna said...

I love Good Eats. I totally forgot about cable shows for some reason. I love the Daily Show too.

A blogging buddy reunion would be fun.

I would never wear my bridesmaid dress either. That's a good one that I totally didn't think about.

By the way I am totally with you on the library thing. Those rules fit in classrooms too. I have had students' phones ring during tests for crying out loud.

Blogger Stine said...

Cheese IS a really big joy.

Blogger finestgirls said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger patrice said...

that is the longest comment I have ever seen.

anyway. no chocolate in your favorite food? wow!!

Blogger rob said...


Spam h4x0r pwn3d you.
pr0n is l337.
I n33d a g1rlfr13nd.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

All hail the wonder food that is cheese.

Blogger Kodi said...

I think you should wear a string bikini just for fun. I'm also lovin the nacho cheesier doritos.

Blogger NME said...

When are we going to the Bahamas?

Blogger Katy said...

When I come into 100 million dollars.

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