Thursday, September 22, 2005
These boots...

May not have been made for walking, but damn I look pretty :)

I love boots. I love boots with big chunky heels, which make my legs even more like they go on forever. Today I am all powerful in my cute black boots. Ooooooh yeah.... Sadly, the cute stilleto pointy toed boots in the picture are not my boots...yet. Mine only go up a little past my ankle and have a square toe and big chunky heels. I really want to get some cute boots for winter though. Tennies may be nice, but they're so boring. Anyway the reason for my ode to boots today is because I feel pretty. I've lost a little weight since school started, I'm wearing my cute dark jeans, and my favorite purple pin-stripe blouse. My hair cooperated, my make-up's not all flaky like it has been lately and best of all I'm sitting at a statuesque six feet tall in my big boots. This morning I strutted into my class about 10 minutes late and everybody looked up at me. I didn't even feel self concious or anything I just thought "Yeah that's right, drink it all in."

Interestingly, we talked about height in class today. My teacher asked how tall I was and I said usually around 5'10" today more like 6', and that was the end of the conversation. Then after class, Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome chased me down. I didn't even know he was walking next to me until I heard him ask "You're 5'10"?" The rest of the conversation was relatively uneventful. We talked about height, he thinks it's cool that I'm 5'10" and still wear high heels. We talked about class and our goofy teacher and the lesson we had that day. Then I headed up to work. "Where are you going?" he asked.
"Where's work?" I pointed to the building I was walking into and smiled. "What do you do?"
All this interest in lil 'ol me. I do declare the attention will surely go to my head.
"I'm the secretary for plant operations."
"Plant operations? Like botany?" He says.
Smart and kind of dumb in the same sentence...cute.
"Not that kind of plant. We take care of the physical side of the campus...blah blah blah..."
"Oh," he says a little sheepish.
"Kind of confusing sometimes, we do take care of plants though." I add reassuringly.
He smiles and I head into the building.
"What's your name anyway?" He calls.
"Katy." I say turning around.
"Bye Katy." He says.
I glanced over my shoulder to see him still standing at the sidewalk watching me go. That's right...I'm feelin good today.


Blogger Missuz J said...


Home run girl! You should feel pretty--because you're an effing fox!

Blogger NME said...

THAT IS FANTASTIC! And may there be many more of those encounters to come.

Blogger amandak said...

I wish I were you today. ;)

I did, however, go to the huge shoe store I've been wanting to check out. I was supposedly checking out some new tennies, but couldn't resist trying on some supremely silly sexy heels. Just for kicks.

Glad to hear you seem to be enjoying school. And enjoying your hottness.

Blogger lonna said...

That's awesome. Good for you. I love boots too, but they are very hard to find in a non-leather form. I also don't usually wear heels because I've had foot troubles (plantar fasciitis) and I'm exactly the same height as my husband. I don't think he would care, but it never crosses my mind.

Blogger Daina said...

w00! That's my girl!!!!

We're so going shoe shopping together when I move back out. ^_^

Blogger rob said...

Damn...what's up, tall drink o' water?

Those days where you move differently, when the pheromones are palpable and you can actually taste others checking you out like a super sexy spidey sense are my favorites. The bad ass part is that it's a self sustaining cycle. If you feel hot, you project the hotness. Others checking out your hotness make you feel extra hot and so you project the extra hotness.


Blogger patrice said...

look at you, sexay!

I love when I look good and have that confidence. get down, girl, go 'head, get down!

so. you guys call them tennies? and let me ask you, do you have southernish accents?

Blogger Daina said...

You know, Patrice, I married a man who's born and raised in New York. And the first time I ever asked him to get my tennies, he just stared at me. HAHA!

Thankfully most Utah residents don't have strange accents, but do watch out for rampant truck driving hicks! They're dangerously scary, you know. >.>

Blogger Jazz said...

Wow..this sounds like a good day...may I admit that I'm feelin a little jealous? haha^^

Do you know this feeling when you can't pass a shoe-store/H&M/something like that although you know you have enough shoes and enough clothes and that your closet is bursting but you still have to buy this cute little shirt on sale??
I am so in this phase right now...

Blogger Kodi said...

There she was just a walkin' down the street, singing hey ya diddy diddy dumb diddy do. Katy, you sexy thang.
Oh, uh, I totally forgot to tell Becca you called. Sophie was tap dancing for me when Becca came home, and I got distracted. Sorry. I'm the worst receptionist ever.

Blogger Stine said...

Let's hear it for the tall girls. Way to work it Katy!

Make him work for it.

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