Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I studied!!!

It's a trilogy.

I had my first Biology test today. I think I did fair to mostly sunny. At the end of the test was a little note from the teacher that said "You have reached the end. I hope you did well and giggled out loud at least once." What is there to giggle about in a Biology test you may ask? Well, if this guy is the author plenty. For instance:

Of these types of bonds, which is the weakest?
a) Ionic Bond
b) Covalent Bond
c) James Bond
d) Hydrogen Bond

All of the questions had a lovely little nugget like that in it which makes guessing a lot easier. Well...I know it's now James Bond, cuz he's really strong...and uhm not in the text.

Anywho, I studied last night. After evil statistics class, I went over to the library and settled in. I found the nicest place to study. As you can see there's a rather large round window at the front of the library. It spans the second and third floors and is the absolute coolest! My new favorite study place is on the third floor. It's only about half of the building because of the angle of the window and it's open to the study area below. Facing the window on the third floor is a long semi-circular desk. You can see out the whole window. It's very quiet (espeially when I'm there because I have no problem giving the icy stare of death to library talkers) and so peaceful. When you look up you're faced with nothing but the sky and trees and mountains. I wish I could find a picture. Maybe I'll just go take one.

On an entirely different note, you know what baffles me?? I'm trying to grow my hair out right? Well how come it takes so long to grow the hair on your head but you can wake up one morning with a half an inch long hair sticking out of your chin like magic? Not fair.

This is probably going to be an add on kind of day. Or a two post day. Or maybe my life is just to dull to necessitate anything longer than this.

Today's thing I learned:
The goodness of your parking place directly coincides with your on timeness. If you're a few minutes late, you can get a parking place right by the door. If you're on time, you can get a parking place clear in BFE, and you'll be late anyway, If you're early, there ain't no parking nowhere.

Update! I got 100% on my communications test that I didn't study for AND my Computer systems test that I didn't study for. Still no word on my Stats test, but I'd be good with an 85% which I feel pretty good about. I should know my biology test score tomorrow.


Blogger Diane said...

Well, I hope that you did better on the test than you thought.

We're all trying to grow our hair out. Fate must be against us because head hair grows soooooo slowly. And then you wake up in the morning and realize that you need to shave your legs(Again!), even though you shaved when you showered the night before.

I've given up on good parking places on college campuses. They don't exist. (Unless you're "studying" late because "he" might be in lab, then you can score a pretty decent spot, but "he" won't be there.)

Blogger lonna said...

I'm growing my hair out too. I'm interested to see how long it takes. I haven't grown my hair out in 8 years at least.

When I was a grad student we had to get to campus before 8:00 to be able to get decent parking. Otherwise we had to park at the stadium and take a bus in. And I should add that Purdue had great parking for a college. Here all the students have to park at the stadium and take a bus in. There are no parking spots for students anywhere near campus.

Blogger Stine said...

I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one who found statistic classes evil. This, of course, is very unlike your oldest sister, who thrived on them.

Down with stats!

Blogger Missuz J said...

Congrats on your tests, and on your killer study spot. If I'm not mistaken (and I rarely am ;) I used to study in that exact same spot.

Love to you!

Blogger Jazz said...

Congratulations on your tests!

This hair thing is SO true, I am experiencing the very same thing right now and I know what you mean...

Talking about parking spaces: My mom is so great in finding free spaces, it's really unbelievable haha^^ Whenever we go to a really crowded parking lot, she finds a space right next to the door, where somebody drives away as if to make space for her. It is so scary sometimes because it happens like ALWAYS.

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