Friday, September 16, 2005
I should be studying

But I'm not so :P

I have a test in my communications class in about 50 minutes. I though that it was Wednesday so I studied for it then. Then I realized I needed a scantron and a number 2 pencil, and that I didn't have either so after getting off work I hauled ass over to the bookstore to buy them. The pencil that I chose wouldn't ring up on the cash register so the lady had to look it up. I didn't want to be rude because it wasn't her fault I was so terribly unprepared but I finally just said "You know what? I'll just pick another pencil." Then she found it and I paid. While she was getting my change the lady at the other register came and STOLE MY PENCIL! I guess she wanted to see why it wouldn't ring up. I was like "Uhm lady, I need my pencil, for a test that started ten minutes ago." But again, it wasn't her fault I was terribly unprepared so I just said "I'll get you another pencil from the same display so you can check with that one but I'm kind of in a hurry." And she just glared and handed it over like she was so put out that I would need MY pencil. Whatever, no time to be catty. So I snatched my pencil, and my packpack (which they don't let you take into the store, you have to leave it just sitting in the hallway, yeah that's safe) and jogged to class, burst through the door and saw everyone calmly taking notes while the teacher reviewed for the test. Next time Katy dear, read the freaking syllabus.

In totally unrelated news, I don't feel good. As I mentioned I was all covered in little red spots which my mom and brother are speckled with as well. At first my mom thought it was fleas. Greeeeeeat. But Becky really didn't want it to be fleas so she did a little research and found folliculitis. I tried to find a picture on google images, but uhm...gross. Anyway, yesterday I started feeling all tingly and achey and all around gross. So I was talking to a friend yesterday and told her about my yuckiness and the first thing she said was "I hope you don't have meningitis". Yeah me too! Shut up! So I decided to do a little research, I googled all my symptoms and the first thing it came up with was Scarlet Fever. But I don't really have a fever, I just feel feverish (yeah to me there's a difference) then Meningitis, I have 7 of the 8 listed symptoms (gasp) and then mono. Of course, I could just be coming down with the flu. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Needless to say I'm making my way over to the wellness center today after class to rule out the bad nasties. I really don't think it's meningitis because today I feel better instead of worse but yesterday I was all freaked out!

Last night I had a freaky dream. I was an astronaut on the space station and I was pregnant and nobody knew before I left, not even me, and I had to give birth in space and risk bringing a baby back in the space shuttle. Yeah, it was pretty weird. Anyway, I guess I better run to class. Wish my luck on my test.

Today's thing I learned!!
Its best to not read blogs by people you KNOW will make you laugh in the library, or classroom. You either A) Laugh out loud causing people to glare at you, or B) Turn all red from trying not to laugh out loud and cause people to think you're having a seizure due to all the jiggling.

Update: I don't know how I did but I was like the third person done and it only took me about 14 minutes to finish. There were only a couple that I didn't know for sure.


Blogger lonna said...

I hope that you are feeling better and that the health center is able to figure out what's going on with your pink dots. Doctors at student health centers vary so much. I have had some that couldn't diagnose anything and now I have a great doctor. I'm officially a post-doc as well as a professor, so I still have to go to the student health center here. Strange.

I'm glad that you did well on the test. My tests are like that. My students have 50 minutes, and the first student usually leaves around 15 minutes and by 30 minutes fewer than half of my students are left. I was always a 15 minute test take myself. I either knew the answer or I didn't. Sitting around thinking never helped me much.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Fun to catch up on your posts. You seem happier to me since going back to school. Thanks for being so sweet to Soph and I today!


Blogger patrice said...

I love living vicariously through you. I didn't get the whole college experience but I love hearing about tests and classes and scantron and pencil stealing wenches.

I'm sure you don't have meningitis. maybe an allergic reaction to bromine? who knows.

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