Monday, September 19, 2005
I should have been studying

The sequel!!

48 hours people. I had 48 hours to study for the quiz that I knew I had in Biology today. Did I study?? No. I hung out with the fam friday night at Pizza Factory. (Sophie wanted to know where "Uncle Rob" was). Saturday I spent the first half of the day hanging out with Boo and Sophie rather than going to Vegas with mom and dad to take Jon to the airport. We had fun, we went and got tea, went to the library, did a little grocery shopping, went to the kite store, and snagged a pizza before going home to make cupcakes. Honestly my sister is so cute with her little girl. I just love watching them together.

After Boo and Sophie left, I hunkered down for some serious study time. I did math for a few hours and then could go on no longer. "No problem" I told myself, "you have all day Sunday to study for Biology and Computer Systems." So I started in on the books I got from the Library. BAD IDEA!!!!! I started the series Saturday night and have already read two of them. True they're pretty easy reads but still!!! And the whole time I was reading yesterday I was thinking, "One more chapter. Then you'll go study up for Biology and Computer Systems." Whatever! 11 o'clock last night I finally put the book down but by then it's not like I could start studying, I had to be to class in the morning. Then when I got to class this morning (late) the quiz was up on the board and the professor said 3 minutes right as I sat down. THREE MINUTES??? I'm only like two minutes late!! What do you mean THREE MINUTES??? So I hauled ass through the quiz and totally blew it. But then he said OK, now you have ten minutes to use your notes, your book, your neighbor whatever. So I checked my answers with the book and I'm smarter than I thought I was, the answers I had were right. However, I only had three out of ten answers!! But I found the rest and as I found them I thought, duuuuh, you know that. However, something tells me he's not going to let us use our books on the 100 point test on Wednesday. And, I have a test in a half hour in computer systems. Ya know what that means. SHUT UP AND STUDY!!!!!!

Todays thing I learned:
It's not a good idea to start a series of Tamora Pierce books the weekend before you have three tests.


Blogger amandak said...

Yay! Katy is finally reading Tamora Pierce! What series did you start with. Tell me it's the Lioness Quartet. I just started the first one the other day for the bajillionth time. Comfort food for the brain.

Of course, you still must study when it's time to study, but I do totally understand. I'm going to be completely useless when I get my hands on the next Outlander book, I'm sure.

Love you darling!

Blogger Katy said...

yes, i got the whole lioness quartet and CAN'T STOP!! I just need to speed through them and get on with my life :)

Blogger lonna said...

I always found it hard to balance school reading and fun reading. You need some fun reading or you go insane. It's finding the balance that is hard and takes time.

Blogger Missuz J said...

My fault! I just couldn't believe that you hadn't read them yet--so forced you into the library and ruined you for the rest of the weekend.

The good and bad news is that after the lioness quartet, you'll still have 10 more to go!

Blogger Diane said...

This is what I do:

Work Literature classes into your curriculum. That way you can study and have fun at the same time.

I'm glad you're enjoying the books. I haven't read them yet. (Never even heard of the author) Good luck on your test(s).

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