Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Sorry been busy...
So here's a quick rundown.

*My biology teacher is hilarious. Though I'm not sure what I'm learning...
*My computer systems teacher is totally nerdy but HOTTT (that's right three t's) I like to look at him.
*I'm smarter than my communications teacher and I don't mean that bitchy it's just the truth.
*My statistics teacher doesn't so much speaka the english. She tries...alas, she fails.
*Crazy Holly and her boyfriend broke up. She doesn't know why and I can't bring myself to call and console her cuz I'd end up telling her she's a f**king psycho.
*Textbooks are heavy.
*I know WAY more people than I thought I did.
*There is actually oppurtunity to say "Uhm, I can see your ass" at least once a day.
*OOH the pretty boyses!! They may be all Abercrombie and Fitch clones but that's ok, cuz thems is tasty eye candy.
*I've made at least two new friends.
*Being the smart girl in class is a really good thing if you want cute boys attention.
*I'M GOING OUT WITH HANDSOME ROB AGAIN ON FRIDAY!!! I left a note on his truck today saying hi and that I hoped he had a good day and he called me and we made plans for Friday. Said plans may involve Holly but that's just a minor speed bump on my happy ride.
*I haven't been home before 8 yet this week.
*I haven't slept better in weeks than I did when I fell asleep reading my Biology book the first day of school.
*I stood in line at the bookstore for an hour yesterday for a book that they ran out of. Suck.
*I am tired and must go decompress now. Bye bye.


Blogger Missuz J said...

This post was an absolute riot to read.

How can we prevent Holly from going on, um, YOUR date? and why the fuck is she even going in the first place?


Blogger lonna said...

I always liked having hottt teachers. I blew class off a lot when I was an undergrad, but I attended class a lot more regularly when I had a hottt teacher.

Stats is known for being taught by people with English "issues". We had four different professors teach it when I was an undergrad, and we all signed up for the section with the native speaker. It's a hard enough class without trying to translate someone else.

I am so excited about Handsome Rob. Yeah! I hope that you two have a great time.

Blogger amandak said...

Definitely need to prevent Holly from crashing your date. I might even suggest going so far as asking/telling Handsome Rob that she is uninvited. Say, you just need a break from her, or something. Sounds like school is it's usual bag of excitement and dread :). Cool that you know more people than you thought, and super cool that there's bountiful eye candy. Yummmm, eye candy.

Blogger Katy said...

I'm just gonna have to blog the whole Holly Rob me situation. If nothing else it will prove to be an excellent read :)

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