Monday, August 22, 2005
It's Monday
And this is gonna be a long one.

Saturday I worked with my suckiest coworker. For the most part, I like the people at the hotel. Some I can talk to, some I'm content to sit with in silence. But this one... Aside from the fact that she is an evil little micro-manager who thinks me incompetent to the task at hand, who gives orders rather than asks politely and constantly undermines me in front of guests she is just an annoying person. She talks with her mouth wide open, and doesn't close it completely at necessary intervals, her laugh is more of a bark, and quite frankly her sense of humor sucks, she is critical of all other coworkers and doesn't hide the fact that she finds herself superior to all of us (including management) and talks so fast that more than once a guest will look at me after she gives the directions and ask me to repeat what she just said. In fact we had a guest checking out yesterday who, when she asked if she could help him, replied that he didn't want to deal with her because she was curt and abrasive, and that I was calming and reassuring. IN YOUR FACE BITCH! When I count the drawer she finds it necessary to count it again to make sure I didn't miss anything. It's 350 dollars. I worked at a bank for 3 years, I was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars a day at some points. I think I can handle a hotel till. My last day at the hotel is supposed to be this upcoming saturday and I'm supposed to be working with her again. I think I'm going to tell my boss that I'd rather not work Saturday and that it won't be a problem because little miss annoying can and will do it all herself anyway.

After I left work I went shopping with Becca. Got mom her birthday present (which I fear will be slightly over shadowed by dad's birthday present but I don't care cuz it's fabulous!) and went to Best Buy to compare digital cameras for me. I use the term compare loosely because I have no idea what I'm comparing but I went to price them and see what I could see, besides, I figured there would be nerdy boys to tell me what I was looking for in a camera. Alas, no. I stood and stared at cameras for a few minutes, picking up the cute ones, looking at LCD screens, cooing over the tiny ones. And looking at all the technology like a deer in the headlights. Did anyone come to take my hand and guide me to the bestest digital camera for my buck? Nosirree. Maybe it's just me, but if I was an employee, possibly working on some sort of commission, I would see the 20 something year old girl looking stupidly at the camera display and pounce. Perhaps next time I should walk in and announce to the store that I'm an easy target. Or wear a sign.

Sunday I woke up to go to work at about 6 got ready and was on my way out the door just before 7 when I noticed dad kneeling in front of the open refrigerator door. Praying to the food gods? No. Did he eat himself into a stupor? No. A couple of days ago a jar of salsa fell from the top shelf of the refrigerator and broke the switch that tells the fridge when the doors open. Since I was the home at the time I rigged the switch to just stay off, so the fridge thought it was always closed. A paper clip and some tape, problem solved. Until some time Saturday night. My rig, came unrigged. Making the fridge think to itself, "Doors open, turn off the light and kick off the cool." ALL NIGHT! So here he have a refrigerator, who thinks the doors open therefore stops cooling, a 40 watt light bulb shining down on all our perishables for roughly 8 hours and the temperature slowly but surely rising. I bid dad good luck with the grossness, and head off to work (with little miss annoying...again). When I got home about 7 hours later (only to have to go back to work for 4 more but that's another story) we start cleaning. We figure it was probably close to 100 degrees when we realized there something awry. So then we started testing to see what had gone bad. We had no way of knowing how long the door had been "open" so we had to rely on taste and smell. And in some cases you could just see something was wrong. Deli meat, gone. Butter, all melted down the side of the door. Milk, ok. Brick o' cheese, now lump o' cheese but still good. Eggs? Hm, eggs are tricky. What do you think about the eggs? Dad says they're probably fine. I say, they're probably getting ready to hatch, mom says Gross, crack one open and see. Now obviously they weren't on the verge of hatching. They were however relatively soft boiled. EW.

On a lighter, less gross, better note. I have a date!! Hooray! One of my friends who I've had a crush on forever, Handsome Rob, just bought a motorcycle and needs to take the motorcycle test to get his motorcycle license. However, he can't take the test on his motorcycle because he can't register the motorcycle because the guy who sold it to him is in Iraq and can't sign the bill of sale. So he has to find another "motorcycle" so he can take the test. In church on Sunday he came and sat by me (YAY!) and the following conversation took place:

Handsome Rob: So I hear you have a scooter.
Me: I have access to a scooter, it's my dads.
HR: Oh yeah? How many CC's does it have.
Me: I don't know, it's silver.
HR: Laughs and smiles and my heart kinda flips over.
HR: Silver huh?
Me: Yup.
HR: Do you think your dad would let me borrow it to take my motorcycle test?
Me: Probably, I'd have to ask him.
HR: Tells me the story about why he can't use his own bike.
Me: So are you gonna ask him or are you gonna be chicken and make me?
HR: Smiles all sheepishly and my heart flips over again. So I turn to the girl sitting on my other side and start talking to her. Then:
HR: Taps on my shoulder How about I be chicken and take you out to dinner to make up for it.
Me: (To self) Holy shit!! Handsome Rob just asked me out. True, he's getting something out of the deal too, but Handsome Rob just asked me out!
Me: (to HR) Yeah that'd probably be ok.

More meaningless conversation ensues. The meeting starts, we listen and keep looking at each other and smiling. I cry (it was a sad meeting), he puts his arm around me and pats my shoulder. Then realizes he's showing a public display of affection and snaps his hand back. Meeting ends we go our seperate ways and then he called me while I was at work last night and we talked for 15 or 20 minutes about nothing imparticular. I know, you're all thinking "he's using you for your dad's scooter", but before he even knew that my dad had a scooter things had been progressing. So I'm excited. Really really excited. He keeps asking if I'm going to whatever church function and I never can nor have I particularly wanted to. But I'm going to the one tonight and I get to see him again and I'm going to remind him that he owes me dinner. Wish me luck.

K I actually have to go to work now.


Blogger lonna said...

A date? That's great, especially with a guy named Handsome Rob:) We'll all be anxiously waiting for details.

The weird thing about Best Buy is that when you don't want help they're all over you. If you do want help you can't find a soul.

Blogger Missuz J said...

My fingers are crossed for you. Lucky for Handsome Rob, he doesn't know that if he turns out to be Ass Hole Rob, he'll have his nuts ground into paste by your big sister.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

Yay! How exciting, have a blast on your date.

Blogger NME said...

Ew! Few things gross me out more than the thought and smell of spoiling food. Bleck.

Good luck with Handsome Rob. I hope you are the only one who calls him that - or at least he doesn't condone the nickname. Otherwise he sounds like trouble.

Blogger Katy said...

I am the only one that calls him that and I definitely don't call him that to his face. Our little secret.

Blogger patrice said...

yay handsome rob! is the public display of affection thing a church rule or just like sort of a life rule?

I get so paranoid about spoiled food that I would have had to throw everything away in that entire fridge. including the shelves. just in case.

I hope that biatch didn't give you much trouble at work.

Blogger Katy said...

He's not one for PDA. It's not a church rule. In fact in the singles ward if you're not snuggling there's something wrong with you. One of many issues I have...anyway... He's just not a touchy feely kinda guy.

Blogger rob said...

No no no...Handsome Robs NEVER turn into Ass Hole Robs. It's against our nature.

Handsome Robs can only evolve into Awesome Robs, Smells Really Good Robs and Makes Me Laugh 'til I Poop a Little Robs.

In short, you're in good hands.

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