Friday, August 19, 2005
How long will you be staying with us Mr. Gasm?
No joke, this really happened.

I'm going to let you stew over the meaning of the title for a minute while I rant about a thing or three.

First. Those blogvertising bastards. Perhaps I should feel flattered that they think their little adblog will get noticed on my sight but I'm not, I'm just pissed. My last entry I got three right in a row. And I'm the kind of person that when I see a new comment I get all excited to read it then it's some stupid generic "Hey, I enjoyed your site, I bookmarked it (LIAR!) go read mine!" K if you actually COMMENT on my site I will go read your blog, but if you TELL me to read your blog, I'll tell you to sit on it and spin. Gr. K, Done.

Second. The new Flag feature on blogger. So we can alert blogger to questionable material. Isn't that the whole point of blogging? Whatever happened to free speech. Sure, I've been nextblogging and run into a couple, shall we say, unsavory blogs. But do I want to run and tattle to big brother? No. I just don't go back. And who gets to decide what's questionable? Maybe someone doesn't like my review page so they flag it. Then the blogger dude checks it and decides he doesn't like it either. So what happens to my blog? I realize, that might be a bit extreme. But still. I find it a little annoying.

Third. The article that I posted on my last entry. I started commenting to myself on it and decided I might as well just blog it. WHAT THE HELL? Aside from the wrongness of the whole idea of greeting cards for adulters, I can't think of anyone that would send a card to their mistress, or ...uhm... mister. Why not just add a paper trail to the whole shady business. My boss, who's husband cheated on her and they are now divorced, was outraged when she read that article. It's condoning a behavior that is downright despicable. I hope someday that the woman who had that brilliant idea finds one of those cards in her husbands mail. See how she likes it. OK, stepping off my soapbox now.

Yesterday at work we got a call that went as follows:
"Do you have any suites?"
"Yes, we have a honeymoon suite as well as family suites"
"What's the honeymoon suite like?"
"It has a four poster king size bed, a big screen TV, a jacuzzi tub, a walk in shower, a microwave and a refrigerator."
"Is it pretty spacious?"
"Would their be room to set up video cameras"
long pause "Yes"
"Are the walls pretty thick? Cuz it might get kind of loud, we wouldn't want to disturb anyone."
"Uhm, we've never had any complaints about noise before."
"OK, lets go ahead and reserve it."
"When were you planning on staying?"
"Whenever you have an opening for a couple of days."
"How long were you planning on staying?"
"Three days would probably be fine."
"Can I get your name?"
"Jeremy O. Gasm"
"Can you spell that?"
More gathering of information ensues.
"Will it be a problem if there's more than two people in the room?"
" many more?"
"I don't know, we haven't gotten that far yet."
"It would only be a problem if they're all staying in the room but they can come and go as they please"
Snicker from other line
"Ok, I'll need a credit card number to guarantee the room."
"Ok, let me go get my card."

At this time my coworker who was actually on the call turned beat red and hung up the phone. Apparently there was a woman in the background having an orgasm and moaning Mr.Gasm's name. I guess he got sidetracked and won't be needing the room after all.


On the home page of blogger, where you sign in, there's a spot where they prompt you to take a survey. When you get to the very end, there's actually a spot where you can type in comments. I mentioned the blogvertisers. You should, also. And maybe you can mention your concerns about being "flagged."

p.s.- That's a pretty funny story. Are you sure Bart Simpson wasn't on the other end?

Blogger lonna said...

Wow. I guess that working at a hotel can be more interesting than one would imagine.

Blogger Katy said...

It could have been a prank call. I realize this, but the girl on the call and my boss, and I were all pretty convinced.

Blogger Kodi said...

Seriously funny. I would've laughed out loud while on the phone, then probably got fired. The strangest things happen to you at your miriad of jobs

Blogger Daina said...

HAHAHAHA! I find great humor in that, and probably would have been choking on the phone as I tried to suppress my roaring laughter. Some prank callers are really very good sometimes, it's hard to know. After all, bizarre things can seriously happen. O.O But I say kudos to the guy that thought up that one!

Blogger Nate said...

Eh, would have been funnier if it were "Ivana" or "Anita"...I mean Jeremy? Come on...(no pun intended)

Blogger patrice said...

ha!! mr. gasm indeed. what would have really put it over the top is if he asked if animals...say, horses...were permitted.

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