Thursday, August 25, 2005
The Rundown
Datenight 2005

5:00: Run home from work and commence primping. Mom sits an toilet in bathroom and gives me "just one more bit of advice" about 100 times. With a few "Are you sure you don't want me to trim your bangs?" and a "Why isn't your curling iron plugged in?" For good measure. I hate to say it but she was right. The bangs on the right side of my head were a bit unruly so I let her trim them. Next thing I know she's giving me a hair cut an hour before my date. NO! Bad mom! Put the scissors DOWN!

5:30: Get as primped as I'm gonna get and go out back to talk to mom. Get a few more bits of advice. "Stop playing with your hair," and "let him be the guy" before it's time for mom and dad to head to Becky's for birthday dinner and cake.

6:00: Mandy is online to wish Mom a happy birthday via webcam and the doorbell rings. It's Handsome Rob. I go in to say bye to Mandy. Rob follows me and dad says to Mandy, this is Handsome Rob. I turn 100 shades of red and bid everyone farewell. We walk out to Robs truck (I LOVE his truck) and he opens the door for me (oh BIG points). We head to dinner at Pastry Pub. Very yummy sandwiches. And since I couldn't find my glasses before we left my house, Rob had to read me the menu board, (Yes I do know the menu of Pastry Pub by heart but he didn't have to know that :D).

6:30: We're done eating. Yes, super lightspeed sandwiches. And we have about 1/2 an hour before cake time. "So what do you want to do?" Go for a walk? No. Do something other than go for a walk? OK. So we go to the grocery store to get birthday candles. Can't turn 55 without birthday candles! But neither of us know where birthday candles are in Lins so we walked up and down the aisles for 20 minutes til we found them.

7:00: We debate over whether to get two 5's or the happy birthday candles or actually get 55 candles. Just then, both our phones ring at the exact same time. Mine is dad saying the Sophester is sick :( and that cake is being postponed. I don't know who his was, but he was very nice and got off the phone almost immediately. So I told him about Sophie and the postponement of cake thinking "Ok, he'll just take me home, plans have changed." But he didn't just take me home. He said Oh, Ok, we can go to a movie now. I think "A movie you say? Like on a real date?? I'm on a REAL date with Handsome Rob?" You see, up to this point I had not yet convinced myself that I was fortunate enough to be on a real date with Handsome Rob. So we go see what's at the cheap theatre. $1.50 movies...eeeeexcellent! Neither of the movies sounded particularly fabulous but we had to do something so we decided on Bewitched, which started at 7:30. Great, another half hour to kill. Treats! We need treats! He wanted a DQ Blizzard, I didn't think we'd be able to smuggle a Blizzard into the movie theatre, I didn't have the right purse for milkshake smuggling. So I said we can go rent a movie and get milkshakes and watch it at my house. So we rented After the Sunset (don't even get me started) and went to my house about 8ish, sans DQ Blizzard. OOOK. Watched the movie. No snuggling. Not even sitting on the same couch. But that's ok.

9:30: Mom and Dad come home with cake. We head out to the porch with the fireplace going and eat cake and visit with Mom and Dad. It was good, it was comfortable, it was fun. Went back inside, Mom and Dad weent to bed, we finished watching the movie.

10:00: Movies over. We both have extra long days at work the next day. We call it a night and he goes home. The End.

I had fun. He's still cute, he's more fun than I thought he was. I think very easily we could become good friends and maybe more someday. Are we madly in love after one date? Nope. But I wouldn't want to be. Not to exciting but still a good time had by all.


Blogger Nat said...

haha, love it:) I feel ya on the Mom advice. I kid you not one time before a date my mom advised me to "shave my moustache." Thanks Mom. Love you too.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Well--I'm glad that sophie being sick led to something other than me feeling like shit, looking like shit, and smelling like--oh, not shit--vomit.

p.s. What ever happened with the "he crashed the scooter" thing?

Blogger Katy said...

He ordered a couple replacement parts for it and he'll come up and help dad fix it when they get here. Dad said last night "When the parts come in you can come up and we'll work on the scooter and you can stay for dinner." Dad's good at this dating thing.

Blogger lonna said...

Your dad's good at the whole dating thing except for the whole "Handsome Rob" out loud thing. I would have died. It's amazing how fathers can be. I'm glad that you got to spend so much time with Rob in different environments. It's great to know that you get along in so many different ways.

Blogger NME said...

Hmmm. Well you didn't exactly run off and get engaged, but it seems like a nice first date. Did you have chemistry?

Blogger Sara J. said...

Ok, Before Sunset is not a first date movie, but give it another chance. You must see Before Sunrise though first.

Blogger braindead said...

cool ;)

Blogger amandak said...

Good Times. Hey, what more can you ask for? I guess you could ask for Hot Love, but Good Times are usually much more accessible, and without some of the more sticky consequences?

Glad you guys had fun. Sounds like he's a fly by the seat of the pants type dater, as opposed to the plan out every detail and bore you to tears type dater, of which I seem to remember there are lots out there.

Blogger patrice said...

I love seat of the pantsers. I hate when a plan gets derailed and the guy is all flustered and can't deal.

handsome rob indeed! that's funny. at least he knows you like him "that way" now. why separate couches? was he being respectful or just aloof?

Blogger Katiemagic said...

He sounds like quite the gentleman! Do you want to see him again?

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