Friday, June 24, 2005
If I would just blog more often this wouldn't happen...
So when I haven't blogged for a few days I find it hard to decide on a topic to blog about. Strange because for the last week I haven't been able to think of anything to blog at all. Anyway, this may be a little unfocused but I'll try and be clear. To help I've added little sub-titles...though I'm not sure that's what I should call them.

Me and the sisters went to Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Tuesday. OOOOH the hotness! I love Brad Pitt, it's cliche and common and I don't care. He is my happy thought. If ever I come across some pixie dust and have urgent business in Neverland, I will be thinking, Brad Pitt on the beach!!! I am in fact watching Troy for the third time in a week, because it has, as Mandy puts it, "man thighs and Brad flesh".

My mandatory job bitching...
The great job hunt continues, I don't know why I feel so completely unhirable. Maybe it's because my last job F*ed with my head so much. But I'm not dwelling. I have a few applications and resumes out and today I actually showered and got ready before like 2PM, so I feel like I accomplished something, and I have two interviews tomorrow. True one of them is just the mandatory placement thing at the local staffing service, but I like saying I have 2 interviews tomorrow rather than saying I have AN interview tomorrow. I'm actually feeling pretty confident. I'm not a total nit after all.

Water water everywhere...
We live in a desert. In this desert there has been a drought for a number of years. This year, we are not droughting, well, yet. I'm sure the stupid weather man will start complaining about water tables and blah blah blah soon enough. ANYWAY! The lack of droughtness has caused lots of flooding. Mostly because people are stupid and ignore the fact that they're building their house in a flood zone because as I mentioned, we live in a desert. Idiots. One of these idiots is my friend Holly and her family. Though, I don't know the whole story and therefore can't pass judgement there house is flooded...flooding, whatever, unlivable, so she is homeless and I in a fit of insanity said I'd ask my parents if she could stay with us for a little while. Two, three weeks tops. Then I thought, WHAT?! Because she kind of drives me crazy, she's what I like to call a poor me. One of those women that can't find her ass unless a MAN tells her where to look. She thinks she's all independant and fabulous, but she's not. ANYWAY!! Then I thought to myself, it'll be ok, good will come of this, Cute Rob is Holly's friend and I really REALLY like Cute Rob. If Holly is living with me then Cute Rob will be hanging out at my house! Hooray!! She can stay. Then tonight I discover that Holly thinks she has some sort of future with Cute Rob and I can't go around dashing her dreams. Not that she wouldn't find someone else to love, she's never short of men to adore her. Also a trait of the 'poor me' apparently guys like that...I just don't get it. So now I don't know. Could prove to be good blogging fodder though!

And that's all I have to say, I guess that wasn't too bad. OOH I have a quote of the day today! I've been slipping! Be sure and use your best snooty french guy accent.

"I cannot answer the phone anymore, the stupid people are especially stupid today."


Blogger patrice said...

congrats on the interviews! and yes, they count as two.

when I was out in las vegas, the thing that amazed me more than the vast amount that the city's electric bill would be was that I was, in fact, and for the first time ever, in a desert. with mountains in the distance. it was so surreal to me. I know you probably think it's no big deal and might dream about snow (or do you get snow? I have no idea.) but to me it was totally crazy and great.

anyway. glad you blogged again!

Blogger Daina said...

My, but aren't you feeling especially clever and witty again! I'm so glad that you're getting back into your "groove" so to say.

As for Holly, well *ugh* let's just say I know the feeling!!! Remember Trish? BLAH! But I hope you're able to get some kind of good outcome from the whole ordeal.

And lastly: Yay for the interviews! I agree with Patrice, it counts as 2. ^_^ I'm confident in you, even if you're not. So go get 'em, Queenie!

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