Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Speed blogging
A little over a month in ten minutes. I can do it!!!

Moved out. Awesomeness ensued. Drama is ensuing currently but there's six girls, we're bound to want to flick each other in the eye occasionally.

Classes are good. Accounting, economics, astronomy, and business communications OH MY!! Accounting is just accounting. I like it...enough.

Economics is just frustrating, I mean really, markets work, isn't that all we need to know?

Astronomy is freaking awesome. I enjoy it. The labs are lots of fun. I know whick direction I'm pointing now because of what constellations are in the sky. I can also tell you the names of a whole bunch of stars, where to look to see the Andromeda Galaxy, the constellations that make up the winter hexagon, and lots of other stuff. Usually when I start talking about astronomy whoever I'm with just tunes out, so If you tuned out y'all can come back now.

Business communications is freakin ridiculous. Lots of "this is a comma" crap. Yes, I know how to structure a sentance (no comments from the peanut gallery please).

The house is good. I'm poor. Like REALLY poor. But I'm not starving so that's good. I need to get another little job for some extra cash or something.

In the apartment I'm the trampy one. I've kissed more people than all of them combined. Also...other stuff.... Of course I've got most of them beat in age by about 6 years so it's to be expected. The age difference is interesting to say the least, I guess that's what you get for being a non-traditional type student. The girls seem to like me ok. Apparently, I'm no Calie, but that was hardly the goal when I moved in so I don't really care.

Becky's already told you about Granny so I won't rehash. It's sad.

Made a kick ass cake for my boss's husband's birthday. He's a nurse in a cardio ward so I made him a cake shaped like a heart which I will upload later.
And DONE! Time for my astronomy test!


Blogger Missuz J said...

I'm SO glad the moving out has gone well. Star-gazing soon?

Blogger Diane said...

I'm glad to hear that moving out turned out to be such a great decision for you!

I never understood economics either. Really, the most important thing to know about all that is the formula for compounding interest. That will come into play the next time you need a loan for something.

I'm glad to hear you're having a blast in Astronomy! The only constellations I can pick out are the Dippers, and the other night when I was at Dana Point (Killer Dana to be exact) and could see the stars someone pointed out Orion to me. That boy is huge.

It's OK to be the experienced (aka "trampy") one of your group. But it also means that, as the sage, you get to dole out sage advice. AND it also means that you're that much more closer than them to finding "the ONE" for you.

Wow Speed blogging was great! Cake pictures give me something to look forward to. Post them soon please.

Blogger amandak said...

Dude! How did I miss this post over a WEEK ago? I do check, really I do.

Did I ever tell you about the time in Economics at SUU where the teacher was teaching one of the nifty little equations backwards and had the whole class TOTALLY confused as he tried to explain it over and over, and eventually got himself so confused he couldn't go on until I raised my hand and schooled them ALL by pointing out the instructors heinous mistake?

Good times, good times.

Love you big time!

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