Tuesday, January 02, 2007
It's official
I'm moving out.

I have my apartment. I've paid rent for the semester. I'll get my keys today. I bought my new bedding yesterday. Someday I may even finish packing.

I'm moving into college housing with a girl I know from math class and four other girls. That's SIX girls under one roof. Holy cow. That's a lot of hormones. I met one of them last night, and I already know my roommate and they're both nice girls so I'm sure it will be fine.

I have no idea how I'm going to pay for school, magic or something I guess. But oh well. It will be ok. I'll be around more of my peers so hopefully I'll make new friends. I'm excited, and a little nervous, and hopeful.

This should be interesting.


Blogger Missuz J said...

That magic? It's called a student loan baby.

Call if you need help.


That's GREAT! I hope it goes as smooth as silk! BTW - the big question that came to my mind is (and this is important you know!) exactly "How many bathrooms are 6 girls sharing?" Everything else will fall into line. hehehe

My word is tubskoay (which makes me long to be be soak or skoay in the Tub instead of at work).

Blogger Diane said...

Congrats on moving out! I'm certain this will be a positive experience for you.

Have a good semester!

Blogger NME said...

That is fanfreakintastic! Congrats. I second the student loan.

Six girls is gonna be a tough one. I always found it easier to live with men.

Blogger lonna said...

Congratulations! I sometimes think I learned more living on my own with others at college than I learned in some of my classes. I'm still in touch with 4 of my 8 roommates from college.

Blogger Daina said...

w00! Congrats! This is an exciting step and I hope all goes well for you! Just don't pull anyone's hair when things look rough and stay in touch. ^_^

Blogger Stine said...

Congratulations Katy. And having lived with 8 theater major women while attending SUU (we called it the PMS house), please give a jingle if you ever need some moral support.

I'm sure you're sisters could tell you all about it.

Blogger ~A~ said...

woohooo Way cool!

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