Friday, June 23, 2006
Happy weekend

K, I didn't want that "I'm so sad" crap at the top of my blog anymore. I am feeling better, not great, but better. I have just decided that I can't trick myself into believing that my life is perfectly fine the way it is, that I am in a totally good place, and that I am happy. Obviously it's not, I'm not, etc.... So, I'm going to go find somebody to talk to. See if I can't work through some of my underlying issues. I am also actively searching for a different living situation. I think it's time. Anyway, yeah, I'm ok. I'll get


Blogger Baking and Books said...

What an adorable photo! Oreo and I approve. :)

I'm sorry you've been feeling sad lately, but glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Here's to being even more ok-er by the end of the weekend.


Blogger ~A~ said...

Don't you with they stay that cute and little forever.

You'll find that you'll go through life phases of ups and downs. Keep in mind that it's totally normal, everyone goes through it, and the downs don't last forever.

Hang in there.

Blogger NME said...

I think it's always a great idea to talk to someone impartial. Free THERAPY for all, I say. Good luck.

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