Tuesday, November 01, 2005
What just happened?
A whole lot of stupid!

My statistics test has really turned itself around, on my last test I only missed one. I was pretty gosh darn proud of myself. And I even went up to the board and did a problem, and I did it right and everything. So yeah, things were going fairly well. That is until tonight. There I was, sitting at my desk at work, with an hour to go before class started. I was just finishing up my second to the last assignment and I had one more assignment to do (we hand in like 7 at a time) and I was just buzzing along thinking to myself "Damn, these problems are a lot of work. Lots of meaningless busy work really, it's not like her to assign this much crap." But I shrugged it off thinking maybe she was throwing us a handful of easy problems to weight the grade a little. I finished my last assignment and went on to the next one when, oddly they were the exact same set of problems as before. So I investigated a bit. Turns out I had done the last four assignments completely wrong. Not the math part...no no, the actual problems. I did 7.5's set of problems but for 7.4. So rather than do 7-11 on 7.4 I had done 11-17, and on 7.5, I had done 1-13 instead of 11-17.


So now, on top of my blog speech, and the test I have Thursday, I have to redo 70% of my homework. Well done Katy dear.

Today's thing I learned: Always, Always, ALWAYS double check...ALWAYS


Blogger NME said...

GOD THAT SUCKS. Glad I'm not in college anymore.

Blogger lonna said...

That sucks. At least you found out before you turned it in.

Blogger patrice said...

that does suck. I tell trent that all the time. I hope he figures it out way before college. but sometimes you have to make your own mistakes.

Blogger amandak said...

Hey, chalk it up to good practice. Good practice that sucks, but still.

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