Friday, March 24, 2006
Oh Bad, Oh Bad Bad
Thumbs up for anyone who can tell me where the title comes from and who says it. Do ya know? do ya do ya?

Anywho. I started a blog about my time in Tiajuana surprisingly before my sis brought it up. But it's not done. Truth be told I've been feeling busy and uninspired lately. I don't want to do another "my semester so far" recap either because, well school bores me, I'm sure it bores you too. I'll just say my criminal justice class gets more graphic every day. My business class is still my favorite. My lit class is, well almost over I guess. I am oozing with hatred towards my PR class. I find it hard to drag my butt to class because spring is finally springing. Knock on wood.

Speaking of knocking on wood, I really should have this past Tuesday. Ya see, I am taking a cake decorating class at my local craft store. Very exciting indeed. That is until I got there. I was strolling on back to the classroom when I bumped into my ex boyfriends (yes THAT ex boyfriend) mother. She offered me a curt hello, I smiled and said hi and we went out seperate ways. Now, good friend Julie is taking the class with me so I turned to her and said, "That's Ean's mom" and thought nothing more of it. Until that is I got to the classroom and it dawned on me. Ean's mom is a cake decorator, a really good decorator. Hm... So I said to Julie "Wouldn't it be trippy if Ean's mom was the instructor?"


No sooner had the words left my mouth than she walked in the door in her full instructorness. Apron, bag o' tricks, everything. Oh. Holy. S#!@. Ok, this is cool, I can handle this. No big deal at all I'm totally over that whole situation, we are meeting now in a purely professional capacity and if she says anything mean I get to report her to her bosses. Teehe. I sit. I take a few deep breaths to counter the initial shock. I am fine.

"Did you bring everything?" She says.

What I thought: I brought my caddy which has tips and other such sundries, but none of this everything you speak of. No one told me to bring anything let alone everything. What I said: "Everything? What everything?"

"Well, you'll definitely need icing. Do you have any at home?"

What I thought: Oh of course I always have a tub or two of icing randomly laying about the house. In fact I made some between school and work and coming here just on a whim. What I said: Nope I don't usually have much by way of left overs.

"Well I have some in my fridge you can use it. You'll have to go get it though, Jeff (her husband) has the baby (demon spawn)."

What I thought: Well this just keeps getting better and better. What I said: OK, that won't be any problem at all.

So I go, I exchange pleasantries with Jeff (who might in fact still like me or at least not hate me) gaze upon the baby, who tragically looks just like his mother (ok ok he's a cute little bugger, but I didn't say that), grab the icing and head back to class, which has already begun so I'm starting off behind. Greeeeeeat.

I run in get settled and proceed to make do with what I have. What I have plus what Julie has (she didn't get the 'everything' memo either, nor did half the class) plus a little bit of what Liz (the mother) has. I did pretty good all things considered. I was pretty frazzled for the first 1/2 hour or so but I think that was because of my total lack of preparedness. Which would have happened even if it hadn't been Liz but was magnified by the fact that it was and I have always had just a touch of an inferiority complex when dealing with her. But I did will, Julie did well, Liz hovered. A lot. Everything will be fine. More of an annoyance than anything. I'll just have to blow her away with my mad skills.


Blogger Diane said...

Keesha from "The Magic School Bus"

Blogger NME said...

Ugh! Small, small world. I hate not being prepared and even more so when someone I know witnesses it - let alone an ex's Mom. Yikes. But I'm sure your mad skills and super sweet cuteness will definitely having her wishing you were her in-law.

Blogger amandak said...

Yay for icing.

Boo for having to get it from the ex's mom's husband/hose beast's spawn watcher.

Love you!

Blogger ~A~ said...

What are the stinkin' odds? I hope you bought a lottery ticket.

Blogger Missuz J said...


Blogger Jazz said...

I bet you felt like being in a bad movie while this was happening...what a coincidence...

Greetz ~

Blogger Kodi said...

But now you can learn from the evil master so that you may destroy her with your wicked decorating skills in the future when you find that you are, in fact, the prophesied "icing queen" reincarnated with all the icing knowledge of 4,000 generations locked in your brain that only a key word spoken at the exact right moment will unlock. And I'll speak that word..........later. Love ya babe.

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