Monday, November 14, 2005
To caffeinate or not to caffeinate.
Is that even a question?

I am TIRED. It's a good tired though, like a "Hey, I must have actually done something with myself this weekend kinda tired. Here's a quick (and I fear boring) recap!

Friday I though I had made plans to hang out with my favorite high school buddy Mario. Apparently I had made plans to hang out with him Saturday instead and I ended up spending most of the evening in front of the TV. Though I did get to talk to Mario for like 30 minutes before he had to check out for his other plans. I watched cartoons til like 3:00 in the morning and then went to bed. Oh and I had a nice long bath. I love it when my parents are gone and I have the whole house to myself. I can watch what I want on TV, I can make a huge mess in the kitchen and not have to clean it up right away. I can have nice long SILENT hot baths. It's going to be a huge adjustment when they start hanging around on weekends again.

Saturday I woke up lateish and then uhm, watched more cartoons (lazy I know). Then I made the dough for my cute little suckers and stuck it in the fridge to chill while I got ready. I seem to remember doing laundry even. Wow. I'm an allstar! Made cookies, was thrilled at the cookies success, blogged about the greatness of the cookies, ate too many of the cookies and then headed out into the wild blue yonder! Went and got bags and ribbon to decorate the cookies with (Patrice, I do have your address, and IF I get my act together you can expect a package in the next few days :) ). Visited Holly (who is increasingly less crazy) at the health food store where she works and bought some Burts bees chapstick and an acne stick thingy that apparently works miracles. Then I headed to Maurices to try and find new jeans. I hate HATE jeans shopping, I hate it. I am tall and pretty skinny and have no butt, finding jeans that fit me and look good is near to impossible, but I have to face the drama again because my favorite pair of jeans is literally disintegrating. Right now I'm wearing a 13-14 from my chubby banker days, I should be wearing a 9-10 from my college student who walks a million miles a day....days. I didn't find any cute jeans though. I guess I'm going to have to take an actual shopping trip somewhere. Then I went and picked up Holly and Mario and met up with Mike and Rob and Rob's adorable little brother Ammon to watch Chicken Little. HILARIOUS!! Even with the scary aliens who I'm not to proud to admit gave me the creeps. We were hungry after the movie so Holly, Mario and I went and got stuff for french toast, special milk for lactose intolerant Holly, and bread, and I made french toast and bacon and we watched The Phantom of the Opera. Mario and I snuggled up on the couch and Holly fell asleep. Then I took Mario home and Holly and I stayed up til like 5 in the morning talking. Oh yeah at Wal-mart we ran into the Evil Hoe Beast who is still friends with Mario and I was torn between staying and waiting for Mario and ditching him to escape her. I just waited the next aisle over.

Sunday I slept and then slept some more. Then I made Love Day cookies with Sophie, Karaoke'd with Boo, and cleaned up the kitchen before Mom and Dad came home. And now, I'm wishing I could go back to bed and recover from my weekend.

Todays thing I learned: Really, it's more like last nights thing I learned. Before you go to bed clear a path from your bed to your door so you don't trip on your way to the bathroom. Finding yourself half asleep and sprawled out on the floor is not a comfortable position to be in at 3 in the morning.


Blogger lonna said...

It's always so nice to bake in peace. I love baking when it's just me and the kitchen all to myself. I can cook with my husband after we trained ourselves, but I still prefer to bake all by myself.

Blogger patrice said...

wow. that is alot. you're a good person to be nice to someone (holly) who wasn't very nice to you before. and rob, too.

you totally don't have to send me cookies!!!! you've got enough to do!

Blogger Katy said...

I was already planning on sending some to those of you whose address I have (and who eat cream cheese sorry Lonna). We'll see if I get my act together.

Blogger Diane said...

There is no question. Always caffeinate if that option is available.

Have you looked at Abercrombie & Fitch jeans? They seem to make things for the ultra skinny type. At least, I can never find anything large enough to wear there, and I don't consider myself a huge woman.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Cookies good
Karaoke good
Katy good

my word verification: dozaerd--a sleepy buzzard?

Blogger Kodi said...

We need to karaoke together soon. I, too, am now the proud owner of Karaoke revolution. I kick ass on the new rock songs.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

I fell out of my bed and onto the floor on Saturday night. My aren't we a klutzy pair of Kathryn's. Those cookies are really, really cute!

Blogger NME said...

Amazingly cute cookies. And I think you are a shoe-in for the Food Network. So much talent.

Cuddling with Mario? Is this serious? Or do Mormons cuddle alot with each other playfully since they can't have premarital sex?

You lost me at "I hate HATE jeans shopping, I hate it. I am tall and pretty skinny and have no butt, finding jeans that fit me and look good is near to impossible" OHHHHHH to have this problem!

Cookies are WAY TO CUTE! What an awesome idea - can I borrow it for my grandson's birthday?

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