Saturday, November 12, 2005
The candy WOMAN can!!!
I am well aware of the fact that I continue to toot my horn about my mad kitchen skills (I almost typed chicken hahaha), but seriously these are the cutest things I've ever seen. They're a really soft cream cheese sugar cookie dyed different colors and then rolled into a long rope and then rolled up to look like old fashioned suckers. I even had everything I needed for them in my pantry this morning when I got the baking urge! Here's the recipe, they're the bomb, and did I mention the FREAKING CUTENESS??? I'm on my way to the craft store to get little celophane bags and ribbon to put them in before I head to the movie with my friends (that's right friendS plural) I'm popular :)!


Blogger Diane said...

Think you can send some up to Butte? ;)

Blogger amandak said...

super duper cute.

candy woman.


Blogger patrice said...

I believe you have my address.

kidding. or am I? I am. or am I?

Blogger lonna said...

Those are so cute.

Blogger Jazz said...

Waaahh ~~ cute!!
I read the recipe, but I have one question....does anyone know how much an ounce is?? Maybe I can look it up somewhere...

Greetz from Germany ~~

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