Friday, September 30, 2005
HAHAHA Suckers!!!

My computer!!!

I'm mean, there's a big long line of people waiting to get on the computer and I'm just gonna sit here and blog blog blog. Other people can be nice.

Today I'm feeling in a listing type mood so may I present:

Things that baffle me!!!

This morning on the radio I heard about an opera opening somewhere that's about the discovery of the atom bomb. Uhm, can I just ask why? A movie, sure. A regular old talkie type play even, but an opera? What could you possibly find to sing about the discovery of the atom bomb. And who would wake up one morning and think, "The atom bomb, she is my muse." Crazy.

In other related news, Elton John corroborated on a musical based on Anne Rices character Lestat. Really, does he need to sing? Don't get me wrong, I love Anne Rice, and Elton John for that matter, I just don't see the two blending very well. Maybe I'm wrong.

The phrase "I could care less." What does that mean? Does that mean you do care? If so why not just say "I care". Wouldn't the correct phrase be "I couldn't care less"? Maybe it is I couldn't care less and Cedar City just says it wrong.

Boys. Need I go on?

It is COLD here. It was especially cold two days ago, I was walking around with an undershirt a long sleeved t-shirt and a sweater and freezing my butt off. Apparently some girls I go to school with are impervious to temerature because they still find it suitable to wear mini-skirts and tank-tops. CRAZY PEOPLE!

Girl whiskers. I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again. How is it possible to grow an inch long hair out of my chin overnight but impossible to grow my hair out an inch? HOW?

Where did all my links go? They've been missing for awhile and I e-mailed blogger (I also lost an entire post) and then yesterday night they miraculously reappeared but then today, they're gone again.

My statistics teacher. No, scratch that. The people that hired my statistics teacher. I mean didn't they think that maybe statistics is hard enough? That maybe hiring a woman who doesn't speak english might overcomplicate things??? That maybe students would be a little annoyed by this turn of events???

The school blocking off the main throughway on campus. If you want to get to upper campus from lower campus, that's the best way to do it. Then why oh why would you choose the first couple months of school to undertake a huge construction project BLOCKING IT OFF. No, no don't worry, I can heft my 100 pound backpack another block.

My boss's boss. The term is socially inept. I mean didn't he grow up around people? Didn't he observe proper behavior between people. Does he not know that introducing 2 out of 3 people present to someone is RUDE! Yeah, I got my feelings a little hurt. He doesn't even call me my name, he calls me "The Student." "Pam, could you have the student make some copies for me?" Say my name BITCH!

Update: When did I become such a huge geek?? This fliar popped up on my computer in CSIS about becoming a CSIS major and a list of all the fun things they'll do at the open house and it sounds like fun. Nobody else even knows what they're talking about....

OK, the people in line now realize that I'm slacking and are starting to glare. I better make a run for it before they get out the pitchforks....


Blogger lonna said...

Oh, so many things to respond to:) First, I am a huge Ann Rice fan. I have read most of her books, until I just couldn't take it anymore. Lestat becomes a vampire rock star, which is way cool and lends itself to all sorts of groovy gothy stuff. BUT ELTON JOHN? WTF? It should be like Peter Murphy, Glenn Danzig, or somebody else who's dark. Not freaking Elton John. Seriously.

Second, the majority of college aged women take the opportunity to dress like hookers whenever they can. I am amazed at some of the things that my students wear. My students have to spend two hours a week in a daycare center for the lab component of my course, and they honestly have to be told not to wear bottoms that are too short and tops that are too low. They are told not to let their thongs show. I have had students in the past who went to interact with the kids with a obscenities on their clothes. Hello?

Finally, at Purdue there were only three roads that went from Lafayette to West Lafayette, and at the beginning of every single school year (and I was there for 8 years) at least one of those routes was closed. I ended up moving to West Lafayette and closer to campus after two years just because I didn't want to have to deal with that anymore.

Blogger rob said...

I kinda like the idea of an opera based on the birth of the atomic bomb. Art, and the inspiration for it, is ever evolving. Who said that opera should be left to gods and heroes and magic rings of fire? I'm sick of Wotan. Ruhe! Ruhe, für der liebe des Gott!

I'm TOTALLY with you on "I could care less." My soul cringes a little when someone sprays that from their vernacular.

Your links are there, they're just at the bottom of your page. This happens when your post width creeps into your sidebar frame. You can remedy this by editing your template (Change Settings/ Template) and decreasing the pixel value for width in either your Main or Sidebar settings. Look for this:

#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
width:410px; <-- edit here
#sidebar {
width:220px; <-- and here

Blogger Katy said...

I had totally forgotten about Lestat the rockstar. Ok, less baffling but still Elton John?? I just visualize Lestat belting out Circle of Life or some such craziness.

Blogger Missuz J said...

I'l ripping this of of some comedian whos name I don't remember, but I hate it when people say, "I literally shit my pants." Hmmm. Did you really? What did you do? Did you have a spare pair around? Don't you mean to say "I figuratively shit my pants?" I think I'll try and find a good opportunity so say that today.

Blogger Marksthespot said...

Now I'll sound like an old codger, but I think if you were 10 or 15 years older you wouldn't be so baffled by the atom bomb as a muse. You're too young to really remember the Cold War, which ended circa 1990, but for those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s it was pretty much a given that someday we'd be bombed by the USSR. Believe me, that shit was burned into our psyche. When I was a small child, there were several incidents where U.S. bombers were scrambled to the runway due to faulty intelligence, and we were thisclose to WWIII. I remember being about 14 years old, playing in a baseball game when for some reason all these fire sirens near the field started going off, and they went on for like three times longer than usual. I stood there in rightfield, as certain as I could be that my eyeballs were about to be melted by the first flash. Then the sirens stopped.

If you haven't seen it, rent The Day After sometime.

Blogger patrice said...

excellent post. yes, it's supposed to be couldn't care less. I would see an opera about the atom bomb because I really don't care too much about what operas are usually about. rob is my new hero for the sidebar fix - this happens to me occasionally too. doesn't elton john feel like he may need a vacation for a while? I mean, I love some yellow brick road, but...take a break already. if someone called me "the student" I think I would only refer to him as "the dictator."

you're funny.

Blogger NME said...

I am totally with Lonna on Peter Murphy.

I think an opera on the atom bomb sounds like a novel idea that might even turn out interesting - if not godawful.

And I hate GIRL WHISKERS. I am covered in them.

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