Wednesday, April 20, 2005
A first time for everything.
I am a first time blogger, I have read many blogs and they have always interested me. Getting to dive into someone semi personal life with their permission and everything, I'm sick what can I say? My sister the divine missuzJ just started blogging and seeing as I'm the baby sister, I must therefore follow in her every footstep. I had all sorts of fun clever interesting things to say but they all seem to have left me, I'm tired and I put my wit to bed already, or maybe it didn't wake up with the rest of me, who knows.

So I will just talk about the one thing that ALWAYS seems to be on my mind lately. Dating. It's an ugly subject I know but I am 22 years old and desperately single. Not just quasi single, oh no, I don't even have a crush, nor does anyone crush me. I realize that "I'm only 22" and "these are the glory years" whatever. I'm 22 and live in smallish town UTAH!! You know how a 3 year old dog is really 21 in dog years, well in Utah, a 22 year old single girl, equals out to SPINSTER!!! It's not even so much the singleness that's so bad. I miss kissing. It's been over a year since I kissed somebody. That's a long time for a girl like me, but we won't get into my "slightly loose" background. Really I wasn't even close to loose, but I like kissing and found lots of oppurtunities to do so. There's one boy in particular I miss kissing, but I think now, kissing him would be like kissing...I don't know, something really bad. Yeah I could talk about dating a lot. I have a feeling I will. Single girl in Utah, yeah good luck with that.


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I wuv you Katy darling!

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