Saturday, April 23, 2005
Just a Phase
I feel much much better since yesterday! Yup, all is well in the land of Katy again. In fact I had a really good day. My friends and I are kind of getting into a business venture and I'm really really excited. Hopefully it will turn into something to give me a little somethin extra. I could see it being huge though. I guess we'll find out soon.

I went to A Lot Like Love today. It was cute. Not great, but cute. I went with T and her daughter, who's ten and she (the daughter) kept asking questions through it, "Who's that guy in the picture??" "Is that the same girl?" "Who's house is that?" Patience child, all will be revealed!!!! I love kids. She cracks me up, when she's not driving me crazy. T's got three kids and they're all lots of fun, I'm like Aunt Katy. As if I didn't have enough nieces and nephews to shop for :). Oh well, I'm generous! And they're all so cute!! (see the fabulous missuzj blog's for a pic of my Sophie.) missuzj is my big sis and Sophie is her daughter. Ain't family great? I just love em. OK, must sleep now, all the good cartoons are over.... Hey, I'm in touch with my inner child what can I say??


Blogger Missuz J said...

Can't wait for your next entry! I'm interested in the business venture.

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