Thursday, March 30, 2006
Another cake

Present Cake
Originally uploaded by katydidz.
I made this in class Tuesday. Not to interesting but it tastes REALLY good. It's a devils food cake filled with peanut butter and cream cheese filling. Yummy.


Blogger lonna said...

That's beautiful and it sounds yummy too.

It's wonderful - what the heck do you mean "not to interesting"? I wonder how good a cake can ship? Hmmmmmmmmm I would really like to have on for Mother's day with bumble bees!

Keep us posted and keep up the super duper work!

Blogger rob said...


Hot hot hot.

Go see 16 Blocks.

Hot hot hot hot hot.

Blogger NME said...

It's so pretty. And all you have to say is PEANUT BUTTER and I know I'm eating it.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

You have mad skills miss Katy.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Amazing. Oh--Jen says pretty please on you doing her and Paul's wedding cake.

Blogger ~A~ said...



It's lookin' great!

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